The financing process in 8 clear steps:


Choose the flat/apartment you are interested in.


Contact our sales representatives, who will assist you with flat selection. After a contract has been drafted, they will facilitate contact with a mortgage specialist.


Our mortgage specialist will arrange a personal meeting with you and prepare the most beneficial financing offers within 24 hours of the meeting.

They will prepare a mortgage application at your chosen bank(s) and handle all necessary communication and documentation for you.



You will cover 20% of the purchase price upfront, in the form of a down payment. This can be paid using your own funds, or you may qualify for a loan to cover this initial payment without the need to mortgage the property — an option available only by selected banks. Afterwards, your monthly payment will only reflect the amount of the loan you have used. Our mortgage specialist will be happy to provide more details.


Only after the project receives a valid occupancy certificate, you will pay the remaining 80% of the purchase price. This portion is typically financed through a loan. If you have already taken out a loan for the initial 20%, you will fund the rest by drawing down further on that loan. In both cases, our mortgage specialist will review the collateral contract and handle all the necessary paperwork for you, such as the future sale contract, insurance endorsement, a copy of the insurance contract, invoices, etc. From then on, you will begin making full monthly payments based on your approved mortgage loan agreement.


Once you have paid 100% of the purchase price, you will sign the contract of sale, and we will submit it along with the application to register your property rights to the Land Registry. If you used your own funds to purchase the property, you have the option to get reimbursed through a mortgage loan.


Collect the keys to your new home.

What are the main advantages of using the services of a mortgage specialist?

Our mortgage specialist will be happy to assist you with the entire financing process.

The mortgage specialist will compile the best offers from various banks into an easy-to-understand document for you.

The mortgage specialist will complete and submit loan applications on your behalf and prepare the necessary documentation for the bank.

The mortgage specialist will oversee the approval process and secure any additional documentation if needed.

The mortgage specialist requests and ensures the review of loan and collateral contracts.

The mortgage specialist arranges the contract signing at the bank.

The mortgage specialist will handle the property registration with the Land Registry on your behalf.

The mortgage specialist will arrange a property and household insurance tailored to your needs.

The mortgage specialist will guide you through the entire mortgage process.

The mortage specialist will save your time.

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